Writing In Public: Day 9

Tuesday, February 9: Good news, bad news

The day started out with a good breakthrough, but finished with a setback.

Business: More planning for publishing

Changing the list incentive is more complicated than I realized at first. Previously, I offered The Desert King as an incentive for joining the list. Now I’m changing it to Bibliomania, but I’d like to make the statement more general, so that a person visits my website to find out what the incentive is, so that I can change it without changing every published book. That’s good, but the wording has to be right and is not easy to do. I wasn’t happy with the results today, so I didn’t put the changes into place, but I hope to tomorrow.

Writing: Spring Rains

Today is the day that things broke free. I’ve been trying to fit this story into a Scene-and-Sequel model with divisions based on scenes, and today I decided to simply let scenes flow where they want to instead. Immediately, I could feel the mental blocks in my head clearing away, and now I can see all the way to the end of the book. At last, after many years in development, this story is finally days, not months or even weeks, away from completion.

Unfortunately, as I was working on the story, I first got a headache and then experienced stomach upset. I hope I’m not coming down with what my wife has, because she’s been miserable.

  • Fiction words today: 1000
  • Weblog words today: 250

Things should get hopping now.