Writing In Public: Day 6

Saturday, February 6: A Shape Appears

Today I had quite a bit of time to myself to take care of business, and I put much of it to good use.

Business: Catch-up

I don’t schedule business for the weekend, but I wanted to make an urgent exception for today. I need to get things back under control, which basically means two things: changing the permafree and list bonus books so that short works are free and Bibliomania is the book that’s free for joining the list (and The Desert King is not), and rebooting my weekly promotions. However, my first task was to write new words, and that went so well that I didn’t get to the business. I will have to do it tomorrow.

Writing: Spring Rains and other secrets

This was a great day for Spring Rains. The story has become more clear, and I was able to move some parts around into better places. Best of all, I felt a rush of energy to try to fill in at least something for every scene in the book. I fell short of that goal, but the exercise was great. I got parts done or under way all the way though to the end. Every book is different, but sometimes that helps to figure out what the middle and beginning are missing or supposed to look like, and it is helping me in this book, too.

I also spent a fair bit of time on the next book project, which is a western adventure featuring me and my dad, more or less. The first chapter, which has stymied me for quite some time, suddenly broke free and fell into place today. I’m very leery of pausing one project to work on another, but sometimes it helps to work on something else while your subconscious figures out a problem. Maybe I will be able to fill in scenes for that book over the next few days. I’ll have to share the title soon, too, but not quite yet.

  • Fiction words today: 2250
  • Weblog words today: 360

Moving in the right direction.