Writing In Public: Day 5

Friday, February 5: Better

After several days of weird problems, I was finally able to devote my time uninterrupted to my writing tasks today. I finished migrating my current project files back to my custom format. This took more time that I thought it would, but not very much more. It felt like a distraction but I need to get work done, and being able to switch projects lets my brain work out solutions to one while I’m working on another.

Business: Craft

Fridays are designated for improving my craft. This week I squeezed the file conversion into that definition for the first part of the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, I had my weekly meeting with a fellow businessperson who is using some of the same tools and techniques I am to move his business forward. The meeting was very productive. The discussions help me to define to myself exactly what it is I am doing an what I hope to accomplish. My major theme this week was simplicity and focus of tools and techniques.

Writing: Spring Rains

The work continues, with the story struggling to find itself. Hopefully it will break free soon.

  • Fiction words today: 500
  • Weblog words today: 200

Not good enough.