Writing In Public: Day 4

Thursday, February 4: Gut check continues

The day began with an electrical failure just as we finished getting ready. Ultimately it was a rather simple to diagnose and easy to fix, but not before it chewed up all of my morning. In the afternoon, I experienced a software failure that also was ultimately a minor inconvenience, but nonetheless took productive hours away. And, after dinner, I had to go to my mother-in-law’s home, where she was recovering from a grease fire that she had extinguished in the last moments that it still could be. It is interesting to me how life (or something) puts up these obstacles.

Business: Upgrade

Thursdays are designated for upgrading my tools and processes, so the software allowed me to move on a change I had planned anyway. I use Emacs for almost all my writing. Emacs has different packages to optimize if for doing different things. For a long time, I’ve had a collection of my own code that I use to track my writing and to export it to various formats for publication. Today I worked toward turning my custom code into a dedicate mode for Emacs. It isn’t that much work, and I got enough of it done to be able to use it. Though I’m not ready to make it public yet, it will soon have all the functionality I need to work, and I may share it with the world soon after.

Writing: Spring Rains

Plodding along, I was able to get a dedicated writing session in late at night, adding another 1100 words, for a grand total so far of 12,350 words. That’s already half as along as Winter Kills. I only wanted Spring Rains to be 50,000 words long in total, and I’m probably not halfway done with Part 1 (of 4), so I am way over that pace. I’m not very happy with that, but I don’t see a good option other than to keep going and see what I find.

  • Fiction words today: 1150
  • Weblog words today: 350

I need to find the overdrive gear. Seriously.