Writing In Public: Day 2

Tuesday, February 2: Gut check

Immediately after a challenge is accepted, an obstacle gets thrown in front of the hero to test his or her mettle. It works in fiction, and I’ve found that even my real life works the same way, if I’m on the right path.

Business: Publishing

Tuesdays I have designated for publishing. Fortunately, the tool I am readopting is already optimized for both ebook and print publishing, so I expect print books (finally) to be rolling off the presses starting next week. I had been hoping to get something moving on that front today, but it was not to be.

Writing: Spring Rains

So I had an eye exam at lunchtime. I was expecting a simple better-like-this-or-like-this checkup at a clinic close by. What I got was a trip to a clinic not close by for my very first full-blown eye exam, including dilation. On the bright side, I found that I still have very good vision (though I accepted the advice to get glasses, another first). And on the really bright side, boy does that dilation mess things up. I told the doctor I intended to go back to my computer work for the rest of the day and he said with a smirk, “Good luck with that.”

In the evening we took my daughter to a special dinner for her last day as a four-year-old. By the time we got back, my eyes were feeling better, but it was late and I was way behind. We baked a cake for her birthday tomorrow, and I got most of my steps for the day (more on that tomorrow), and, despite being very tired from my late last night and early morning, I got some words in.

It won’t be long now.

  • Fiction words today: 500
  • Weblog words today: 300

I’ll take it.