Writing In Public: Day 1

Monday, February 1: Here we go again

There is a concept among writers, one I generally agree with: “Anyone who can be discouraged, should be.” Several months ago I was writing daily Writing In Public posts, but I stopped, in large part because I’d read a warning against the practice on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, and I trust no one’s advice about the business and craft of writing more than his. The irony did not escape me at the time.

Since then, I’ve tried to figure out what is the right thing for me to do. I considered a lot of options, from posting nothing to resuming the Writing In Public series. In the end, I realized that Writing In Public is the right answer for several reasons:

  • I’m working on a set of projects that could be very big, and documenting my process and progress might be interesting and attractive to readers.

  • If my projects unfold the way I think they will, there will be some drama, and writing about it would be helpful in many ways.

  • I found that the daily WIP posts inspire me to do work that I wouldn’t do otherwise. They set up an accountability with readers, and that helps to make me more productive.

So, here I go again. Yes, as Smith warned, I’m sure some people will use what I write as a basis for making fun of me and insulting me and my work. I think that’s okay. I do know what I’m going, and I’m not worried about what other people think.

At least, I hope it works out okay. Given recent history, maybe I really am easily discouraged. We’ll see.

Business: Tool Review

I’m working on abiding by a rigid schedule for my writing business, and Mondays are for review, among other things. This week, the review fell in line with my annual tool review, which I’ve been involved in since last Friday. Today I made my final decisions and started to make the changes I decided to. WordPress is back in, as is my Manuscript Markdown format and tools. At least for now, Org, and the static website I created with it, are out. I’ll have to write more about my reasoning and everything later. For now, let me just say that I’m very happy, and it feels like coming home.

Writing: Spring Rains

This was not a great writing day. My annual tool review sucked up a bunch of my time, but that’s something I really need to change, because that isn’t good enough. I need to get more words in. I’ll have more to say about that in the next few days, too. For now, I think getting business done, writing done, and this done, is a great start.

  • Fiction words today: 521
  • Weblog words today: 467