Winter Kills E-Book 99 Cents This Week

 [Cover of Winter Kills: A Victor Storm Vigilante Suspense Novella by T.F. Torrey]

Last week, I wrote about how my plan to write Taxi Adventure as part of the 2006 3-Day Novel Contest, and whoa, what a story of woe.

This week, the topic is Winter Kills. In 2005, planned to write the book as a prequel to the Crusader series I was writing at the time. I knew the main character, and I had already developed his backstory and relationships. I knew what had happened in that winter, though not in any detail. I wanted to develop a complete outline before the start of the contest, but time ran out and I did not. Instead, I just went with what I had ….

And it turned out better than fine; it turned out great—exactly what I’d hoped for. I worked the outline as I went along, developing just enough to be able to keep writing. As is always the case, ideas sprang into being just because I needed them. That happens all the time when I am writing, and I think it happens to other people, too. I’ve heard the phenomenon described as having the muse show up when she sees you’re serious.

In the end, I finished the book in almost its final form by the end of the contest, and though it did not win, it has sold rather well since then, and I’m not sure you can say the same about the one that did win (remember which book did win that year? Me neither!).

This week, you can snag the product of those three frenzied days of work (plus the editing and everything after) for the bargain price of 99 cents at Amazon. Get it if you haven’t already, and as always, tell your friends!