Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 2, Day 3


In the morning I went to what was supposed to be a doctor’s appointment. Instead, I walked into a situation where temp workers were sabotaging my provider to try to force the patients to get service from the same workers at a different provider for jacked-up costs. So, after checking in and waiting 45 minutes, I found out that the temp worker, who could see that I had already checked in and was waiting, had silently canceled my appointment to try to make my provider look stupid. On one hand, I’m happy that I wasn’t being seen by such a soulless person. But on the other hand, I was pretty pissed off that I didn’t even get to tell off the idiot. These problems won’t go away until we get single-payer health care. Fortunately, that time seems to be coming, though slowly.

The medical non-appointment chewed up the entire morning, and lunch and dinner chewed up all except the little girl’s nap time. Then, in the evening, we went to a community dinner with our congregation, which is a good way to make dinner take almost four hours.

At the end of days like these, I wonder how I had time for everything except what I think is most important.


Another hard day of work that wasn’t. I felt as though I should dive into the writing of Threshold of Vengeance, but as I try to cap the development I feel leery about that. The story is set in the town I (kind of) grew up in, Bolivar, New York, and new ideas for settings and people and situations keep coming into my brain. It feels as though when I begin writing the story I will have locked down the setting and all those elements, perhaps and maybe likely excluding good ideas that haven’t popped into my head yet. And yet, it also feels like I am just putting off the demanding work of writing.

In the end, I worked more on the development of TOV today, but I added zero words of new fiction. This is a simple, fun murder mystery, and I need to get it done. It seems a little dumb to suddenly feel behind writing a story I started almost 30 years ago, but here I am. Nonetheless, it will be done soon. And good.