Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 2, Day 2


After the late night work last night, I got a late start today. It was another day with my daughter, and we went swimming around noon. Somehow I missed sunscreen on one shoulder and got a little burn, which was more weird than painful. I spent most of the day taking care of some loose ends that I have been neglecting in my rush to complete Taxi Adventure.

In the evening, I allowed myself the luxury of playing live poker, which I’ve been too busy to feel good about doing lately. I didn’t stay long, though. I wanted to go home to spend the evening with my ladies.


I’m still not happy with my tools, and the more books I finish, the more I learn about what specific capabilities I need and which areas my tools are weak.

When I created the epub for Taxi Adventure, I discovered that the developers of my current tool had made many significant changes in the past few weeks, including some that broke my own tools and required me to figure out what they were doing and change my tools accordingly. If what they were doing was making improvements, that would be perhaps not so bad. But, they were not. Instead, most or all of what they are doing is making the system match the expectations of the developers, who don’t seem to be actual users of the tool, over the objections of actual users like me. The result is a system that, in many ways, gets further from practical all the time, needing more compensation from my own tools to get a good product out. Even worse, I think the steady changes mean that my older documents will no longer export correctly until I go over everything and figure out why. That is not a good use of my time.

All in all, I’m thinking that the unique benefits of my current tool have proven less useful than they seemed they would, and the export glitches have proven more troublesome than I expected or want to deal with.

If these complaints seem familiar to you, you can imagine how tired I am of them.

I’ll have to think about this, but the custom system I created based on Markdown may well be the best for my ongoing work and long-term viability. At least I won’t have it doing something different every time I go to use it. For now, I think I’ll use it for writing Threshold of Vengeance and see how it goes.

In total, it was a day of loose ends and development for Threshold of Vengeance, and I got zero words of new fiction done.