Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 25


My daughter was with her grandmother all day, so I had the opportunity to get a lot done, and I ran with it. Time and words flew. In the evening I had to go to a side job, but the bones of the day had a lot of meat on them.


I didn’t get as far as I had hoped, but I did crank out 4,800 good words on the day. Here again there were good patches already written, and it was delicate work matching up all the transitions. That sounds like a terrible excuse, though. I think that will always be the case, and I need to get more words when the optimum conditions like this arise.

Even here at the end of the project, I’m still discovering that the story is different than I thought in places, and I do a surprising amount of reflowing the action. It seems a little weird to be doing it at all, but it seems even more weird that the changes work with the story that has come before better than the original scenes, which were explicitly designed to fit in with the previous scenes, and were designed at the same time as the others. In other words, I made a set of matching scenes several years ago, so it is weird that replacing one of that set with one I discovered yesterday makes a better set.

Also, it’s weird that even though I’ve seen all of the story so far, the story still manages to surprise me with unexpected turns. And they’re always so much better than what I had in mind. Interesting.

On Balance

As I devoted almost all of this day’s energy to writing, it occurred to me, not for the first time, that writing is just one part of what I need to do for my writing business, and I need to find a good balance of among the various tasks: writing, admin like e-mail, managing promotions, designing covers, bookkeeping, website maintenance, and the rest. I tend to go from task to task and focus on each at the expense of all others, sometimes for days at a time. For example, I have not processed my e-mail in several days now. That’s not good.

I think a good schedule would help me out. More on that tomorrow.

All in all, this would have been a great day, except that I didn’t get to see my daughter, and that trumps everything. Bad day.