Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 24


Monday again. I had my daughter with me all day, which I really enjoy. She does consume time I could otherwise spend writing, but someday all too soon she will not be interested in spending time with me, and in the not-too-distant future, she will leave me behind altogether. Right now, I want to enjoy the days with her while I can. I like reading stories with her and having lunches with her, and I really like hearing her imagination when she makes up games and things to play. She’s so great.

Also, I’ve been optimizing my schedule to fit the most writing into the quiet spaces of the days with my daughter. Taking advice from James Scott Bell, I’ve been doing eye-openers and night-caps and trying to really focus during nap times. It’s getting better, and I don’t wish it different.

I’m also working at a side job every evening this week, so there’s that.


During the day I made decent progress, though I was weaving some delicate plot issues that slowed down the pace a bit. I got 1,500 words during the day, plus 500 more at night, even though I was dead tired.

On finally finishing

I first started writing Taxi Adventure as part of the 3-day novel writing competition in 2007. Wow. So, my original estimate of how long it would take was off by about 2550 days.

Since then, it has returned as an active project twice, each time being significantly changed. The first time, I realized that the story was much bigger than I originally conceived, and I moved things around to fit the larger size. The second time, I had just learned a good deal about story flow and structure, and I realized that many events in the narrative would have more punch if they appeared in a different place. In between and all along, the story has simmered on the back burner of my brain, with occasional good ideas about different plot points, and a lot more open questions about how I’d manage to pull some things off.

Now that I’m drawing close to the end, it feels very weird. Things that I’m used to having as open questions have now been settled. For so many points, years of wondering is now over, as the story has taken its final form. Scenes my brain wonders about when I think of this book are now done, the questions are answered, with nothing left to wonder about. It will take some time for me to adjust to this book as being a completed thing, and not a far-off dream. How weird.

I go through the same thing with pretty much every project I finish now, but it’s weird every time. It is really nice, however, finally finishing projects. This will be my fifth book-length work of fiction completed and released in the past year and a half. That’s pretty sweet.