Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 23


I had the day to myself, which is bad because I miss my ladies when they are gone, but good because I can work without interruption. And it was a good day.

I spent part of the day investigating css2xslfo for my print output. Oddly, that did not work, and I quickly reached a dead end trying to figure out why. At the same time, I saw that my existing solution looks very good, much better than I remembered. Also, it looks like my style, and I like it very much. So, it was settled: I am satisfied that I have the perfect tool for my work. I can stop looking and start cranking out print editions. I hope.


I got a lot done on Taxi Adventure, adding 3400 words to the total. I’m truly in the home stretch now, with almost all the difficult rewriting behind me and nothing but clear highways to the end. I still have some work to do to modify the beginning of the book to match what it has become at the end, but that should go quickly. Soon.

Then I wonder what comes next.