Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 22


Early in the day, fresh off my discovery of Orgzly, I considered what all this might mean to my work. I was happy with what I found. It isn’t perfect, but Org mode, with my current, self-developed, custom Manuscript package, is by far the best option available. It is already perfect for my process, and with a little customization, it can do anything that any other software can do. I’ve lost count of the number of writers I’ve seen singing the praises of Scrivener, but in fact my customized Org mode can do everything Scrivener can and more, and better. (And you know I’ve looked into it.) The fact is, if my goal is to write a lot of good books, and it is, I’m already using the best tool in the world. And Orgzly makes it awesome on my phone, too.

I was going to end today’s post with a rant about how great Org mode is, but I’ve decided to make it its own post to make it more about Org and less about me.


Through the afternoon and on into the evening, I worked on Taxi Adventure, adding an additional two thousand words. This is into the home stretch now, and I can’t wait to be done with it.