Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 21


I had a goal before of making Friday a special day to do things with my daughter, and we did that today. I went over some writing stuff in the morning, then we had a nice lunch and headed off to the library. We had some fun there for a while, then picked up some groceries and snacks and came home. After nap time, Ceyshe’ came home, and we all went to Filiberto’s for a nice dinner. After that, I went to a side job. I arrived home at midnight to find my daughter still awake. So, I had a snack with her, we read a story, and finally she was ready to go to sleep and I was ready to write.


In the afternoon while my daughter was napping I got about 800 new words done for Taxi Adventure, and about 800 more done after the side job. I seem to be mostly through the rough patch. I’m in the home stretch, and hopefully I will get it done this weekend.

Orgzly to the rescue

These past two or three weeks I’ve been on a misadventure regarding the format for my books. I have been using the Org Mode format for years, but lately I’ve been thinking I might be more productive if I used something that had better support for editing on my tablet-sized phone or any random online computer.

It has been a terrible, time-sucking, brain-power-sapping experience, but I haven’t seem to get out of it.

Today I found an interesting app called Orgzly. I actually heard of it before, but disregarded it because it is a proprietary application and I don’t want to do that. However, today I read that the developer is turning it into free software, and when I checked it out I found it is already a great editor for on my phone. With it, I can open whatever project file I want straight from my Dropbox folders, view or edit them, and save them back to Dropbox so they sync with my desktop where I naturally keep the files. It’s pretty great.

With this discovery, my search has come full-circle. I have investigated all the popular and unpopular tools and found that the very best for my task of writing books and publishing them to e-book and print formats is the tool I’ve been using for the past six years.

Well, that should save me some migration time.

I hope this puts my brain-wasting to an end.