Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 18

Tuesday Again

As has become typical, I stayed up late the previous night and consequently arose late in the morning. By afternoon I was working on my stuff. I spent rather more time than I’d prefer calculating a migration to Markdown. It seems that is very likely to happen now. There don’t seem to be any pitfalls to the change, and I think it will streamline and optimize my process. The important thing is to stay able to write and publish my stuff at any time, and it looks like I’ll be able to do that without undue trouble. I think later in the week I’ll change over my current work to test how it will go. If it sucks, changing back will be painless. And if I’m happy with the change, I can migrate the rest of my documents over as needed.


During the day I made good progress on Taxi Adventure. I’m still taking out more than I like, and I can see that won’t be changing until the end of the project, but I managed to add another 1100 words during the day, and a few hundred more at night. This is nice, but it’s only NaNoWriMo pace. I need to triple or quadruple this output, at least, to meet my goals. Once I get out of this rewriting mess and get back into creation, I’m sure I can do just that. After all, that’s how Zombies Versus Comicon got written.

Topic of the day: My newsletter

Today I was thinking about my newsletter. It’s been dormant lately, and I’m still not sure what’s the best thing to do with it. One option is to send out regular weekly or monthly updates, but that doesn’t seem very timely for letting people know about new releases and promotions. Another option is to use it to announce new releases and promotions, but given that I want a promotion schedule and frequent releases, that sounds a little overwhelming. Another option might be to only announce new releases on the newsletter, but then the newsletter subscribers would miss out on the promotions. I’m not very happy with any of these options, but I’m less happy with my current approach, which is infrequent and unplanned. I’ll make a decision and refire that engine next week.