Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 14

Friday with Elizabeth

Coming off yesterday’s big win in the war against wasting time, I was eager Friday to get close to the end of Taxi Adventure.

First, though, it was Friday, and because my daughter Elizabeth is between preschools, she was with me. And Fridays are days when I like to do something special with her, so this Friday we went to the main library in downtown Phoenix. There we found they had installed a toy bookmobile that the kids (yeah, kids) can sit in and pretend to steer and drive up front or lounge in the back and read. I don’t know if Elizabeth or I loved it more. It was great.

After the library, it was time for groceries, lunch, reading some new library books, and a nap. While she slept, I got more work done on Taxi Adventure, mostly rearranging scene parts to improve the flow and whatnot. It isn’t as much fun as writing new words, but it has to be done for this project.

In the late afternoon we got ready and went to our usual family Friday dinner, then I went to make up some time at a side job.


When I got home, I was not terribly tired, which was nice. And happily, when I dove into Taxi Adventure, I was able to click out over 1100 words before calling it a night. It’s far less than I want for a daily average, but it’s far better than I’ve been getting, so I’ll take it.

Thoughts after two weeks of Writing In Public

  • I need more time writing. I love having Elizabeth with me, but I don’t get anything done that way. She likes going to preschool, but we have to do that carefully to avoid getting ripped off (long story). Whatever it takes, I need to make it work.

  • I really need to stop wasting time exploring other systems like Markdown and whatever some random author says he uses. I’m always happy at the end to have my system validated yet again, but wasting time like that is stupid.

  • I want to get this weblog back into my own Manuscript system and out of WordPress, as I wrote about a week ago. That feels true to myself, in so many ways. (And note that WordPress itself is an exploration away from my proven system.)

  • Working on Taxi Adventure has given a lot of credence to the the methods of Heinlein and Smith. When I started writing Taxi Adventure, I circled back and made revisions based on feedback from a writing group and then again when I learned new things about story structure. The result was a hodge-podge collection of scenes from several different approaches. And not only is rewriting them all a lot of work, it feels like I’m simply repeating the previous mistake. Moreover, the version that seems the most fun and best … is the first one. Too bad I wrecked it.

  • These daily Writing In Public posts are helpful for keeping me focused and honest. I need to start doing them at the end of the day, however, instead of at some random point the next day.