Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 11

Fighting with OpenDocument conversion tools

I’ve decided to convert my immediate work projects to the OpenDocument format, on the way to seeing if Google Docs can handle the work. For many years, I’ve kept my files in a plain text format. One of the benefits always touted of plain text formats is that they can be quickly, easily, and reliably converted into more complex formats. Well, I spent way too much time on Tuesday discovering that that isn’t true. The details are complicated and boring, but trust me, it’s a pain. Still, with too many manual steps and waaay too much wasted time, I was able to get the conversions started.


I’m working a side job every night this week, which really cuts into my time and energy. Again I didn’t crack open Taxi Adventure until very, very late. Unfortunately, I discovered that Google Docs, at least with my equipment, is not a good tool for writing long documents. I was too tired to fight with it very much, and after a few hundred words, I gave up for the day. Still, soon.