Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 9


My wife and daughter were out of the house all day Saturday, leaving me plenty of time to analyze and consider my move to ODT and LibreOffice as my main document format and editor. It proved to be a complicated issue. There are several tools to do the conversion, but none of them is perfect and all of them have quirks that will need to be worked around. Because of the wide variety of content I have to consider, and the multitude of pathways I might pursue, the exploration took all day. In the end, I’m still feeling like it is the right move to make. I will gain many benefits, and most of the things I thought I was losing it turns out will still be available to me.


Once again, I didn’t get turned toward Taxi Adventure until late in the evening, but then I cranked out 650 words without a sweat. It will be done soon.