Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 6


I’m liking the new Heinlein/Smith model of production. There are, however, a few quirks that mean I have to do some things now that are not exactly writing. For instance, my old model was to keep making changes to make each thing “work”. So, I delayed print versions while I messed with the covers and so on. My new model is to write, publish, and repeat, without messing with things. So, I need to make decisions now that I can live with. With this in mind, I’ve been considering choices like book size, paper color, print outlets, and so on, looking for a combination that allows me to publish the things I am writing without locking me into anywhere. So, today, after considering some new options I hadn’t heard of, I decided on a print format of 6×9 inches, cream paper, glossy cover. With that, I can have books ranging from 2-740 pages printed, in paperback, hardcover, and staple-bound, with the same format from a variety of vendors. Perfect.


I’ve had my daughter with me every day this week, and though she’s better at keeping herself occupied, I’m still not very productive with her in the room. In the afternoon, I only managed to knock out 100 words on Taxi Adventure. At night, after I returned from a side job and watched the finale of Jon Stewart on the daily show, I added another 650, for 750 for the day. Not great.

Friday probably won’t be much better, but Saturday and Sunday should be great.