Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 5

A small interruption

So yesterday was not my big breakout day for Taxi Adventure. Instead, I spent most of the morning and the afternoon seeing doctors and getting lab work done to figure out the source and treatment for the back pain I’ve had for either the past two weeks or two months or more, depending on what the source turns out to be. I’m fortunate to have health care through the VA, and they get better all the time. It was my first appointment for that, and I have follow-up appointments this week and next. That’s good for my back (I hope), but not so great for my productivity.

In the afternoon, I managed to get some busy work done to stay a little current, but no real writing progress.

In the evening I went to do some side work, which is good for my financial situation, but also not good for writing productivity.

After I came back, I had to watch the repeat of Jon Stewart’s penultimate show, and that was okay, but not productive.


Finally, late at night, foolish and tired, I turned my attention to Taxi Adventure, and I got 500 new words in for the day, almost done with another chapter.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of breaking through.