Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 3

Playing catch-up

I woke up mid-morning, read some news, then spent most of the day catching up e-mail and weblog posts. I should have turned my attention to Taxi Adventure, but instead I spent most of the day reassessing my book file format, which always feels like wasting time.

I had a good reason, though, I thought. My old approach was to improve things, fine-tune things, and republish things, so it helped to keep them in files where some parts were generated as macros. However, it has begun to bother me that the reliance on macros means the files can’t stand alone, and with my new process of publish-and-leave-it-alone, if and when I finally do return to a project to republish it, it might not export as it did before, and I might not have an easy record of what it looked like. That would stink. So, I spent a couple hours modifying my code to leave the generated bits in the book files. That feels like an upgrade, kind of, and at least it’s easier to do now before I have a dozen more live projects.

I also wasted several hours looking at the Markdown format again. Every few months it seems like I could simplify my process if I adopted a simpler plain text format like Markdown, and then I waste several hours looking into it, only to come to the conclusion that my Org Mode files have the best utility by far. By far. So many wasted hours. I AM NOT DOING THAT AGAIN.

Before I knew it, it was time for The Daily Show. I’m not exactly a regular viewer, but I wanted to see the shows this week because it’s his last.


Late at night, I finally got to Taxi Adventure. To my surprise, it’s looking better than I remembered. In light of the most recent work and decisions, I moved some stuff around, then began writing to fill in the blanks. In a little over an hour I got a thousand new words written, but I stopped because I was feeling as though I was writing something that was going to be cut.

I need some bigger days soon to get this done.