Writing In Public: Year 1, Month 1, Day 2

Lazy Sunday

I woke up in late morning, then spent most of the day lounging with my wife. In the afternoon we went to visit her mother, then up to visit my parents. I felt a little guilty for not working, but then it was a Sunday after all.


In the evening I finally turned my attention back to writing. I wrote weblog posts for WIP day 1 and the ongoing sale of the Trexlor books.

Later at night I went back to work on Taxi Adventure. I will be very happy when this project is done. In its current form, a jumble of drafts influenced by different writing groups I was listening to before I learned better, it is very hard to figure out what is intentional and what is leftover. Again I worked toward removing the parts that don’t work, leaving only gaps to fill in with new words. It will take much more time, but I made progress. Sometime after midnight I identified two blanks I could fill in, and for an hour or so I wrote 750 words into those spaces. Every little bit helps.