Above The Field Of Buttercups E-Book Available

 [Cover of Above The Field Of Buttercups: A Short Story by T.F. Torrey] “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, my science fiction short story about the big questions of death, afterlife, knowledge, and technology, is now available for 99 cents at Amazon and many other places.

Halfway across the field, the three men stopped suddenly, their attention focused straight ahead. A glimmer of silver rose silently from behind the trees. As it rose, it became the rounded leading edge of a metal ring, turning slowly on thin spokes around a black hub. This was one of the G4 space stations, one of those in the lower orbits that were more expensive, but that let its occupants feel more connected to Earth. Larger and larger it grew, until it appeared twice as wide as the full moon. They could see, or thought they could, the gray rectangles of steel buildings along the inside edge of the disc. Even at this distance, tiny checkerboard patterns of crops were visible, tiny squares of tan and green.

“Hey, Sammy,” said the weasel-faced man in the middle quietly. “Do you think there’s a heaven?”

The gray-eyed lean man refused to make eye contact. “Shut up, Frankie,” he said.

Jim Sallis, author of many fine things including the novel Drive, which became the movie Drive, loved “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, and you will, too. Be sure to get it today!