International Day Against DRM

DRM is bad news. I explored that theme in my novelette Bibliomania. But what can we do? We can fight back.

Today is the International Day Against DRM. You should head over to their site to read up on the issues and see what you can do to avoid it. Unless of course you like Big Media always watching you to make sure you don’t ever share or read or see anything without paying as much as you can afford for it, and Big Brother watching everything you do to make sure you can be questioned immediately and imprisoned if necessary if you start to read or watch anything disruptive.

No, really, you don’t want that, or any of the hundreds of other bad behaviors that DRM enables and encourages. Check out the International Day Against DRM.

Also, remember to get a copy of my book Bibliomania, which is free and/or discounted today (and the rest of this week).