10K Challenge Week 3

Week 3 of my 10K Challenge is in the books. It was not pretty. On the heels of my cover crisis last week, I discovered this week that my exports to my website and my ebooks were no longer working. Digging deeper, I found the source to be changes the developers had made to my writing software. And worse, it wasn’t a bug, but a feature. They were trying to prevent theoretical problems of future users, happy to throw a wrench into the works of the current users. Things grind to a halt when my tools don’t work.

The outreach I had planned had to be scrapped because I may be changing the cover of Bibliomania, and because what I had in mind depended on the paper version, which my tools could not produce. The crisis took away from my promotional efforts as well. Though I ran a free promotion and a two discounts, I didn’t get them announced properly, and sales were as dismal as last week. I did get some free downloads, however, and this week’s promotion is already underway, so hopefully this week will be better.

Over the weekend I had to take stock of my tool situation and decide the best way forward. Ultimately I decided to move my production to a new format, one under my own control. Though I will need to maintain the tools myself for doing the conversions (kind of), I already wrote that code a couple months ago, so the transition should be relatively quick. Maintaining code can be a pain, but I had to do more of it to export out of the previous tools. Overall this is a big step toward simplicity. I think.

Part of the tool change is that I’m back to using WordPress for my website and weblog. That’s a change I’ve been leaning toward for a while anyway. It should greatly increase the friendliness, presentation, and utility of my website, without too much trouble.

Overall, I’ve come out of the tool crisis with a setup that gives me focus almost exclusively on books (and haiku, apparently). That’s good, because I have so much I want to get out there.

Here’s to a better week 4.