Week 2 Of Challenge Complete

Week 2 of my 10K challenge is done. I’m currently working on the newsletter to recap the week. It wasn’t great, but things are rolling. The cover crisis has really dumped a lot of work in my lap. I have an idea that I want to try, but I’m worried about being ridiculed (and not making sales). Nonetheless, I will probably face my fears and give it a try. The nice thing about e-books is that it is easy to make changes. And if it works, I can easily expand the design to paper. I also need to do some other site upgrades. Plus, I really need to finish Taxi Adventure. Lately I’ve been deleting as many words as writing (about 12,000 words deleted total). All the same, the work is getting done, and the end will arrive. When it does, be the first to know by signing up for my newsletter.