On Vomit, Outreach, Deadlines, And Reviews

I don’t think there’s anything per se that declares that you’ll have an unproductive day just because you were awakened by a little girl vomiting in your bed, but it seems to be a truism for me. And yes, when it happened today, it was not the first time, or the second. I’ve actually lost count. When it happens, I have to adjust my schedule so she can be with me all day, which I don’t mind, and we also have to pay $23 extra for the preschool because she isn’t there, which is really infuriating. She’s a great little girl, and I love having her with me, but I haven’t found a way to be productive with her in the room.

Nonetheless, I did find time to do this week’s outreach action, which I described in my newsletter. (Subscribe for more info. I’m not being coy; I just don’t want to post the details on a public page.) Hopefully the outreach will get a positive response. However, a negative response only means slightly more work.

Hopefully tomorrow I can devote a large chunk of time to Taxi Adventure. With a lot of good luck, I could get it released in the next week or two. Maybe I should set a deadline. That works for some people. I can’t wait to go full bore on my secret projects.

I’ve been reading (actually, mostly listening to, thanks Kindle keyboard) some good books lately, and some not so good. I also want to write reviews of all of them and add them to my list.

So many things to do, and so little time. And so much vomit.

Today’s haiku was a simple acknowledgment of the time I’ve lost because of fear of doing the outreach I actually did, so yay, me. I hope.