Who Wins

On the surface, the goal of selling 10,000 books might not be very laudable. After all, that would yield somewhere between $3,000 and $20,000 or so. Why should anyone care if I get that? If that was the point, I’d agree, but the point isn’t the money, it’s the momentum. What I really want is to build to a point where my writing income meets my expenses. Achieving that will let me focus even more on writing things worth reading. I have some super-awesome projects in the works, and after you get to read them, you’ll wish you could have read them sooner. That’s the real reason why you should hope I succeed in my challenge, and why you should help.

Also, I’ve committed to helping some important causes with the money from the challenge. 10% of the money will go to establishing a college fund for my daughter, because she’s awesome and it’s the right thing to do. Plus, 5% will go to the Free Software Foundation, and another 5% to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are causes I think only a fool would not support, and for the next 13 weeks you should support them—by spreading the word about my challenge.