How I’ll Do It

If I could sell 10,000 books in three months just because I wanted to, I’d have already done it. Many times. So what can I actually do now to bring about those results? Plenty. I think the success of my 10K challenge hinges on doing these six things every week:

  1. Writing 20,000 new words. Content is king. It’s a lot, but I can do it.
  2. Conducting one promotion. Promotions work, and regular promotions should work even better.
  3. Taking one outreach action. I need new people to know I exist. Weekly actions should help.
  4. Implementing one upgrade. Weekly small(-ish) projects to improve my content, my website, and my tools will help me get better all the time.
  5. Posting progress. Public accountability is motivational.
  6. Writing one newsletter. My newsletter is a key component of my success, and regular content about an interesting topic (like this challenge) should give it a strong boost.

My plan went through several revisions to get to this state, and I’m very confident in it. It will take a lot of work to pull it off, but most worthwhile things do.