Is It Possible?

I have set for myself a challenge of selling 10,000 books this spring. For some people, that would not be a big deal. Some people sell that many books every week. I, however, do not (yet). Selling 10,000 books in 13 weeks will be a very big deal for me.

So, is it possible?

Of course it is.

When Tim Grahl released Your First 1000 Copies, he set a goal of selling 10,000 copies of it in one year, and he made it. Sure, he had a somewhat larger network of support for his goal, but I have five times as many books to meet the goal with, and more on the way.

All the same, 10,000 books is a huge number, way more than I am accustomed to selling. Sure it can be done. But, can I do it?


More on how later.