Second Wind Is Here

As promised, Second Wind, my new book of 35 short stories to chill and burn, has finally been published. It is available at Amazon now, will be available at Kobo shortly, and will percolate out to other sites like Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and others presently.

Note that, until next Friday, Second Wind has the special introductory price of 99 cents. What a deal! Next Friday, however, the price will go up to the regular 2.99. So get it while it’s fresh and hot!

This is a great day. I hope you find the wait was worth it. I got to read these stories while I was putting together this collection, and they sure are a lot of fun. I like how disturbing “World of White” is, and I love how strange “The Red Balloon” is. Everybody loved “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, and “On The Beach” made people cry. Great fun!

Now, it’s on to Bibliomania, which I expect to have out this coming Tuesday. That’s a great, fun story, too. You’ll see!

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