The. Wait. Is. Over.

It sure has been quiet around here. I’m sorry for the silence, but I couldn’t bring myself to post one more “coming soon” message to this weblog. Not one more.

Finally, there is something good to report. I have essentially rebooted my entire writing and publishing program, and we are finally getting to the good part where things are ready to share.

First, I have finally made First Lies, my first book of short stories, available in e-book form. It will be available to download straight from this site, and it will also be available at Smashwords and other book vendors online shortly. It is already available at, but don’t buy it there because I can’t set the price as free there yet, and it would cost you real money.

Also, I have created new editions of Winter Kills and The Desert King. Each has a new cover, and new front matter and back matter, but the stories are the same. If you haven’t bought them yet, you really should. They are smart books.

Oh, and I also restyled the website, and it’s looking pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.

Next, I am on the verge of releasing Second Wind, my new book of 35 short stories to chill and burn. That should happen in just a few minutes (hours at worst, stupid terrible Internet connection). And on Tuesday I expect to release Bibliomania, a great little story about paper book lovers in a dystopian future where paper books are illegal. And I expect to continue with several more books, including The Crazy Jack and The Dancing Queen, on the following Tuesdays, and to maintain the flow for several months, then to taper off slightly and keep going for years. Wow!

It has taken so much work to get here, and I’m so happy that things are finally at a point where I can begin to share them.

Check out all my new covers! They are so awesome!

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