Elizabeth Gilbert on The Horror of Great Success

I stumbled across this interesting TED talk where Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, describes how the “freakish” success of that book has forced her to face the near certainty that her best work is behind her, and also filled her with fears that she has to live with every day. She comes across as very human and vulnerable and sympathetic and I wanted to give her a hug. It reminded me of an interview I saw of Garth Brooks, where he described having to come to terms with the fact that no song he wrote in the future would ever come near the success of “Friends in Low Places”. The problem of achieving unmatchable, freakish success sounds like one we would all love to have, but maybe not.

Ms. Gilbert also talks about the concept of genius, and how the ancient Greeks and Romans had vastly different ideas about it than most modern views. I found this part fascinating as well.

Well worth watching.