My Print Books Going Out Of Print

As I wrote before, I’m cultivating a new, radical simplicity for my writing (and my life, but that’s another matter). With that, I’ve decided to focus for the time being on e-books. I’m about to reveal new, streamlined e-book editions of my existing books, as well as all-new books. One great thing about e-books is that it is easy to reissue them. From retailers like Amazon, updated versions get automatically pushed out to people who have already bought the book, so when I make a change, you get the fresh copy. Sweet.

As part of this, I’m taking the existing print editions out of print on October 6th. Print editions of the new and old books will be released someday, but for now I’m focusing on e-books.

One effect of this is that anyone who already bought one of the print books will have a more valuable edition, perhaps one that’s eventually collectible. That’s interesting. There is, however, nothing to prevent me from returning the exact same editions back to print at any time.

Also, I’m working out the details of a coupon to allow current print edition holders to get the new e-book edition for free.

I can’t wait to reveal the new covers. I’ve worked on them a long time, and I’m very happy with them. I think many people will like them, but probably many more will not like them. What really matters is that I like them, a lot, and I think they achieve their goals beautifully.