It’s A Great Time To Be Me

Photo of Elizabeth in her cozy box
Elizabeth in her cozy box

This sure has been an eventful year for me. After years in various apartments, we finally moved into a tiny house. This year, we stayed in Phoenix, Tsaile, Winslow, Chinle, Lukachukai, and Tempe in Arizona, as well as Gallup, New Mexico. We stayed in Lukachukai for almost a month in the summer, and we saw thundering herds of horses and an awesome night rainbow. We hauled water with the diesel truck we bought, and we also started plans for a home there. When we came back to the Valley of the Sun, Ceyshe returned to. ASU, and I took a bunch of online classes. I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to spend every day with Elizabeth, because she has changed so much, so fast, and she is such a joy to be around. We have been busy!

If you’ve been watching my website and weblog, though, you’ve seen only a mysterious silence. Although I was hoping to release some of the new books I’ve been promising, that did not happen. That stinks. I haven’t been idle, though. I’ve actually simplified and streamlined my workflow, and I expect to very soon release not only the projects I’ve been promising for too long, but some super-secret, potentially incendiary projects I’ve been working on. I don’t want to make promises, because I’ve broken too many already, but I am very excited.

All of this leaves me coming into the new year in a great place. I’m excited about my new workflow and all the books I have coming to fruition, and I’m psyched about how my super-secret projects are coming together. They really are potentially life-changing. Apart from that, we expect to spend at least two, maybe three months this summer in Lukachukai, and we’re hoping to make a cross-country road trip as well. That will be great.

Most of all, I love my little family and our tiny home.

It’s all coming together the way I always hoped it would. It’s a great time to be me, and it’s going to be a great year.