It’s Go Time

Wow. I took time away from writing to do some contract work and have a baby, and it feels like the whole world of publishing has shifted under my feet. E-books have become the dominant form of books, and e-readers have opened a vast new continent of opportunity just waiting to be had. I feel like the moment in history that I have been waiting for my whole life has finally arrived.

And the best part is, when the avenues of publishing and sales were narrow and stifling, I built up a backlog of work with no practical outlet. Now, I have a number of books ready to go on short notice. I have the tools. I have the time. I have the drive. For the rest of this year, and the foreseeable future after that, I will be writing and releasing books at a rapid pace.

Where before I felt uncertainty and unease, I now feel confidence and excitement. Win or lose, right or wrong, this is it. It’s go time.

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  1. How cool is that? Unlike you, I don’t have the backlog of material, but for me the change in the publishing industry is what is sparking me to write regularly instead of just “once in a while.” There’s so much more hope and possibility for actually doing something with it other than enjoying the act of writing itself. Best wishes!