Goodbye 2010

So there I was, working away on Taxi Adventure and The Broken Jack and Second Wind, coming to the end of what I had planned to be my year of adventure in full-time writing, when my wife discovered something life-changing: she was pregnant. I don’t know what that might be an EBOR to, but, wow. Suddenly, I needed an immediate infusion of either cash or stability or both, and I didn’t have any good ideas.

And then, literally days later, a big contract job I had been trying to line up for years came through. Sweet! Unfortunately, it was quite big, and very challenging, and though rather lucrative, it devoured my time and lasted until the end of December.

Just like that, it was goodbye spring, goodbye year of adventure, goodbye 2010.

It did wreck my writing as such, but it wasn’t all bad. For one thing, truth be told, by spring 2010 I still wasn’t sure how publishers and self-publishing and e-books and all that fit into my personal philosophy. With the break, I was able to get some distance and perspective, and I found a comfortable way of approaching the subject. I don’t want to get into the solution now, but now I have one, and that’s a good thing.

From a financial perspective, it was really great. I was able to make enough money to be comfortable with the baby on the way, and I was able to solidify a future of contract work that should complement my writing work and supplement my writing income nicely. When I left gainful employment for the year of writing adventure, this is exactly the place I hoped to land.

So, while 2010 came in on a gentle breeze and rushed out like a hurricane, it left me in a very good place. It’s hard to find fault with that.