An Update for You and for Me

For me: I’ve been suddenly and unexpectedly busy lately, almost overwhelmed, and unfortunately it’s been with things other than my writing projects. So, while this site has been quiet, my life has been anything but. Now, however, things are beginning to settle down, and I should be making some updates soon. And as a result, some of you might want to make an update as well.

For you: If you read my weblog in a feed reader, you might want to use the feedburner feed at The feed location moves around on my site sometimes, and I try to use redirects to keep readers working, but it doesn’t always work. I keep the feedburner feed pointed to the right place, though, so if you use that one, you’ll stay in the loop. Of course, Google will know you’re reading my site, but that’s not something most people care about.

In the big picture, things in my life are coming together in the way I’ve been hoping for and working toward for a long time. I have a lot of hard work in front of me, but also amazing opportunity and potential. Make sure your feed is updated.