Announcing Second Wind


It’s been two years since the release of my last book, and it’s been ten years since my last (and only) book of short stories. How that hell did that happen?

The time has come for a new book. The time has come for a new book of short stories. The time has come … for Second Wind.

Second Wind will be a collection of my best ficlets, my favorite short stories from Friday Flash, some stories published elsewhere, and some material (good material even) that has never been exhibited. Because the material is already written, and needs merely to be assembled (and edited one last time), I expect to have this book out by the end of the month. And because I’m building it from existing short stories, my short stories page is in a bit of disarray at the moment. Everything should come together quickly, though, and it should be something worth reading.

The only big question now, I think, is of the picture for the back cover. Gun, or no gun? Should I make it a theme? Hmm….