The Dancing Queen: Still Not A Movie


 [Cover of The Dancing Queen: A Jack Trexlor Novel of Dark Suspense by T.F. Torrey] I can hardly believe that The Dancing Queen is still not a movie. It has so many parts that would be great on film: motorcycles and guns, hot girls on stage, leather jackets and silk panties, wild nights of drug binges, gratuitous nudity and a killer soundtrack. In a nutshell: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Where can I buy a ticket?

Nowhere, unfortunately, because it still isn’t a movie. If anyone is interested, however, the rights are still available, and not unreasonably so. I could even show you a script.

In the meantime, The Dancing Queen is only 99 cents at Amazon until midnight Sunday. What a great deal! The book has all the awesome parts of the movie, but you get to use your mind! How cool is that?!

If you haven’t read it yet, go get it now!

10K Challenge Week 3


Week 3 of my 10K Challenge is in the books. It was not pretty. On the heels of my cover crisis last week, I discovered this week that my exports to my website and my ebooks were no longer working. Digging deeper, I found the source to be changes the developers had made to my writing software. And worse, it wasn’t a bug, but a feature. They were trying to prevent theoretical problems of future users, happy to throw a wrench into the works of the current users. Things grind to a halt when my tools don’t work.

The outreach I had planned had to be scrapped because I may be changing the cover of Bibliomania, and because what I had in mind depended on the paper version, which my tools could not produce. The crisis took away from my promotional efforts as well. Though I ran a free promotion and a two discounts, I didn’t get them announced properly, and sales were as dismal as last week. I did get some free downloads, however, and this week’s promotion is already underway, so hopefully this week will be better.

Over the weekend I had to take stock of my tool situation and decide the best way forward. Ultimately I decided to move my production to a new format, one under my own control. Though I will need to maintain the tools myself for doing the conversions (kind of), I already wrote that code a couple months ago, so the transition should be relatively quick. Maintaining code can be a pain, but I had to do more of it to export out of the previous tools. Overall this is a big step toward simplicity. I think.

Part of the tool change is that I’m back to using WordPress for my website and weblog. That’s a change I’ve been leaning toward for a while anyway. It should greatly increase the friendliness, presentation, and utility of my website, without too much trouble.

Overall, I’ve come out of the tool crisis with a setup that gives me focus almost exclusively on books (and haiku, apparently). That’s good, because I have so much I want to get out there.

Here’s to a better week 4.