The Crazy Jack Is Free Monday and Tuesday


 [Cover of The Crazy Jack: A Jack Trexlor Novel by T.F. Torrey] In honor of the beautiful new covers, The Crazy Jack is free today and tomorrow at Amazon.

If you haven’t read it before, now is your chance to see these beginnings for Jack:

  • His art teacher warns him against a future that he finds in The Desert King and The Dancing Queen.
  • He has the major falling out with his father that is not resolved until eleven years later in The Dancing Queen.
  • He exhibits a strong attraction to almost every eligible female he meets, a trait that only grows more pronounced through The Dancing Queen.
  • He first exhibits a lack of sense of direction, which factors into The Desert King, but is largely resolved in the (yet-unwritten) story The Tonto Ten.
  • This is the first time he puts himself at risk for a damsel in distress, a trait on which the entire series is based.
  • This is the first time he suffers from a bout with blockage of his creativity, a trait that comes to define him, only alleviated in spurts until the end of The Dancing Queen.

Watch for these and other firsts. If you see a good one, please let me know. Though I wrote the book, Jack has a mind of his own, and we are sure to see different things when we look into his world.

Free today and tomorrow at Amazon.

The Desert King Is Free Saturday and Sunday


 [Cover of The Desert King: A Jack Trexlor Novel of Dark Suspense by T.F. Torrey] Recipe for The Desert King:

Take one part crazy, artsical bartender. Add equal parts mystical desert rat, duncical fisherman, bitchical wife, and beautiful one-night-standical girl. Mix together in bouncy pickup truck until ingredients become angry and separate. In another container, put one desperatical girl, two evil poachers, one faceless henchman, a bitical black dog, and a stinky hero. Shake together until thoroughly unhappy. Combine all in a big ol’ desert with a bubblical stream, then heat to simmer. When you hear screams and gunshots, you know you have the mixture right. Continue to apply heat until screaming and shooting boil over and blood bubbles to the surface, then cool. Garnish with a cranky old rattlesnake. The Desert King: A Jack Trexlor Novel. 78,000 delicious words.

Free today and tomorrow at Amazon.

The Dancing Queen Is 99 cents May 15-24


 [Cover of The Dancing Queen: A Jack Trexlor Novel by T.F. Torrey] In honor of the beautiful new covers, The Dancing Queen is priced to move at 99 cents for a limited time. Don’t miss it!

Be warned, though: It is a dark, intense, and wild ride, with potentially lethal amounts of sex and drugs and rock and roll. Side effects may include sleeplessness, loss of concentration, a sense of foreboding, and shaking hands, though these symptoms usually subside after a few hours. The author disclaims any responsibility for real or imagined damage resulting from reading the book. Try to remember it is only a story, and certainly not semiautobiographical.

May 15-24 at Amazon.

Above The Field Of Buttercups Is Now Available


 [Cover of Above The Field Of Buttercups: A Short Story by T.F. Torrey] “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, my science fiction short story about the big questions of death, afterlife, knowledge, and technology, is now available for 99 cents at Amazon and many other places.

Halfway across the field, the three men stopped suddenly, their attention focused straight ahead. A glimmer of silver rose silently from behind the trees. As it rose, it became the rounded leading edge of a metal ring, turning slowly on thin spokes around a black hub. This was one of the G4 space stations, one of those in the lower orbits that were more expensive, but that let its occupants feel more connected to Earth. Larger and larger it grew, until it appeared twice as wide as the full moon. They could see, or thought they could, the gray rectangles of steel buildings along the inside edge of the disc. Even at this distance, tiny checkerboard patterns of crops were visible, tiny squares of tan and green.

“Hey, Sammy,” said the weasel-faced man in the middle quietly. “Do you think there’s a heaven?”

The gray-eyed lean man refused to make eye contact. “Shut up, Frankie,” he said.

Jim Sallis, author of many fine things including the novel Drive, which became the movie Drive, loved “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, and you will, too. Be sure to get it today!

International Day Against DRM


DRM is bad news. I explored that theme in my novelette Bibliomania. But what can we do? We can fight back.

Today is the International Day Against DRM. You should head over to their site to read up on the issues and see what you can do to avoid it. Unless of course you like Big Media always watching you to make sure you don’t ever share or read or see anything without paying as much as you can afford for it, and Big Brother watching everything you do to make sure you can be questioned immediately and imprisoned if necessary if you start to read or watch anything disruptive.

No, really, you don’t want that, or any of the hundreds of other bad behaviors that DRM enables and encourages. Check out the International Day Against DRM.

Also, remember to get a copy of my book Bibliomania, which is free and/or discounted today (and the rest of this week).

Bibliomania Is Free Today


 [Cover of Bibliomania: A Novelette by T.F. Torrey] In support of the International Day Against DRM event by the Free Software Foundation’s Defective By Design campaign, Bibliomania, my novelette about a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed and DRM is mandatory, is free today at Kobo Books and Smashwords, and on sale for 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, where they don’t appreciate such sponteneity.

Get your free copy of Bibliomania now! Even if you already have it on one platform, get it on the others! Then head over to Defective By Design to learn more about the dangers of DRM and what we can do to stop it.

And as always, tell your friends.

Larry Harrison’s Night Shift Is Free Today


 [Cover of Larry Harrison's Night Shift: An Empire Hotel Short Story by T.F. Torrey] My short story “Larry Harrison’s Night Shift” is free today at Amazon. The action follows the night auditor at the hotel as he works to overcome difficult guests, unhappy staff, and his own mis-steps to get through another typical night at a job he loves. It’s a quick read, and it’s a lot of fun. Free today only. Tell your friends!