Why They Have That Rule Anyway Is Free Today Through Saturday

 [Cover of Why They Have That Rule Anyway: An Empire Hotel Short Story by T.F. Torrey] My short story “Why They Have That Rule Anyway” is free today through Saturday at Amazon. The story is a fast-paced introduction to the Empire Hotel, its quirky staff, and its ever-unpredictable guests. If you’ve ever been frustrated that a hotel would not give you a key to “your” room, here’s why, based on a true story. Get it while it’s free, and tell your friends.

Heading Out

This morning, we’re packing and leaving on a 3-week vacation. We’re taking a grand tour of the United States, and though we’re keeping our itinerary a little flexible, our current plan is to go from Arizona to Illinois to Michigan to New York to Washington, DC, to North Carolina to Louisiana and back home to Arizona. The trip is so long that we’ll actually have to get the oil changed on the road at least twice. Whew!

Being on the road used to mean being disconnected, but not any more. Our phones and mi-fi device should keep us connected the whole way. That will be nice for checking maps, making reservations, and keeping my daughter occupied, but it also means we can post trip updates and I can keep my writing business going.

Even though it’s a vacation, I’m still going to find time to keep writing every day. I have several life-changing projects in the works, and I can’t wait to share them when we get back.

Now, though, we’re off for my daughter to meet some new cousins and to see the Mississippi, the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Coast, our country’s capital, and two of our three biggest cities, among lots and lots of other things. It’s going to be a great trip.

We’ll be in touch.

99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out

To celebrate the end of spring and the arrival of summer, this week ending Sunday, June 28th, I’m having a blow-out sale, with all my books available for 99 cents each. What a deal! And with their elegant new covers, they’re going like hot-cakes would if you slapped elegant new covers on them and marked them down to 99 cents. Wow!

Also, the new cover design was the final piece holding back paper production, so print editions will be coming available very soon, within days.

What great news for people who love good books!

Zombies Versus Comicon Published Early

There is a school of thought, espoused on places like LeanPub.com, that authors should, with their books, publish early, and publish often. The idea is that the benefits of getting early reader engagement significantly outweigh the drawbacks of releasing something with imperfections, maybe even a lot of imperfections. Thus, to produce and release a book with maximum impact, it should be published as soon as it is readable, and re-published as it is revised and corrected.

I’m not convinced of the merits of that philosophy, especially when it comes to fiction. However, with Zombies Versus Comicom, I realized I would have to give it a try if I wanted the book out in time for the actual Comicon.

I’ve republished corrected versions of Zombies Versus Comicon at Amazon several times already, and I will several times again. Anyone who already bought and downloaded the book will need to delete it from their reader and redownload it to see the corrections, and to do that again to see further corrections. This seems annoying to me, and I can’t imagine anyone repeatedly doing that. Plus, people who write reviews of early editions might legitimately complain about the number of typos in the book, and even after the corrections are made, the reviews will remain.

In the long run, I don’t know if I will consider the experiment a success or a failure, but so far I don’t think I’d want to do it on purpose again.

I’ll be happy when the book is final, which should be in just a few days. However, it’s still a fun read right now, and I have no problem recommending it. So go get it, please.

Zombies Versus Comicon 99 Cents Today Only

 [Cover of Zombies Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] Zombies Versus Comicon, that classic American novel that answers the burning question of what would happen if the Phoenix Comicon was overrun with real zombies, is 99 cents today only at Amazon. Don’t miss out!.

Introducing Zombies Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Zombies Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] After two years of languishing in the back of my notes and twelve days of long hours and intense effort, my new novel is here: Zombies Versus Comicon. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in an underground level of the Convention Center, after hours, unable to communicate with the outside world and hunted by a horde of brain-hungry zombies, this book will answer that question for you. It’s brand new, 53,000 words, and a lot of fun. You should get it at Amazon right now.